Who We Are

Building tomorrow on our history of industry-leading construction services.

We are a second-generation, family-owned and -operated contractor recognized as one of the leaders across the Appalachian and Mid-Atlantic regions. With a history of success in areas including mass excavation, site development, transportation, and energy construction, we set industry benchmarks that other contractors strive to meet. Our ability to tackle specialty support work that may be outside the range of other companies makes us a valuable partner.

Here at Kanawha Stone Company, we pride ourselves in building more than just projects. We build relationships with project owners, local communities, and organizations. We build communication channels, partnerships, and collaborations. We build the future through safe and sustainable construction practices. We build commerce through our pledge to utilize local products and talent whenever possible.

We build more than projects.

What We Believe

It is our mission to provide diversified, superior construction through balancing innovative technology, modern processes, and teamwork both internally and with strategic partners. At the same time, we strive to create mutual trust and respect amongst our employees, as well as with our clients and partners.

We achieve this through adhering to our beliefs, our philosophies that drive our company forward. These include putting ethics first in all we do, constantly looking to evolve and innovate, developing a positive environment, valuing partnership, and being mindful of our impact.

Our Mission & Philosophy
"It’s not solely what we’ve done that’s made Kanawha Stone Company such a valued company in the region – it’s how we’ve gone about doing it."

Arthur L. King
Director and Shareholder

Leading Our Team

Our leaders come from different walks of life, and different areas of experience. They are industry veterans, with knowledge that spans across a variety of fields.

It is important to Kanawha Stone Company that our leaders don’t just write our values and philosophy, they personify them. When we say we value accountability, they are accountable for our organization. When we say we value integrity, they incorporate it into every relationship, every process, and every interaction. When we say we look for growth, they strive to pass their experience on to the next generation.

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Building a Legacy

Founded in 1973, Kanawha Stone Company began as a family operation – and it still is, to a great extent. Our founder, Art King and his wife Virginia, are still a big part of our daily lives, and they are still part of what the company does every day. Along with other Kanawha Stone family members, they have helped to create a legacy that looks to last for many years to come.

Kanawha Stone Company has helped to change the face of West Virginia, the Ohio Valley, the Appalachians, and the Mid-Atlantic region over those four decades. From small community projects and road repairs through major energy projects and creating bridges that connect communities, Kanawha Stone has been there to grow our region.

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It is important to us that our company and our team members are part of a positive culture, one of good corporate citizenship and good individual citizenship. Through the pillars of our family values, we have worked to develop a corporate culture that encourages growth, embraces diversity, and embodies integrity.

At Kanawha Stone Company, we feel that in building our culture, we don’t just build projects, we build the communities and neighborhoods around us. By operating with these values in mind, we ensure that our impact is one that is positive, and contributes to the good of our region. They allow us to leave lasting impacts, that will benefit generations to come.

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