WE ARE Kanawha Stone Company

We are hard-working, collaborative team members who are just as concerned with furthering relationships as we are with creating high-quality solutions for our clients. We are strong individuals who personify the values our company holds dear. We believe in ethical behavior, constant evolution, and personal accountability. We are looking for someone like you.

Build Your SkillsBuild Your CareerBuild Your Future

At Kanawha Stone Company, we are always looking for new team members who can bring new ideas from diverse experience to our team. It is important to us that our future team members are looking to learn and grow and are examples of our values. The right attitude and the right ethics are important – we will help you build your skills and your leadership potential.

a culture thatinspires

It is important to us at Kanawha Stone Company that our culture shines through. We believe in inclusivity, diversity, and accountability. By respecting input from all experiences, we can provide our clients the best possible outcomes while offering everyone a voice. By making accountability a priority, we can provide growth opportunities – and when our team members exceed expectations, we can offer rewards above and beyond.

This has helped to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, and every team members is offered the opportunity to provide input from their education and experience. By creating a culture where voices can be heard, where performance is rewarded, and where fairness and trustworthiness aren’t just buzzwords but are in action every day, we create a workplace that is amongst the best construction companies to work at across the region.

Our Responsibility

“We believe that it is our responsibility to create an atmosphere where every team member is respected and can develop and grow into where they see themselves ten, twenty years down the line. When we are looking at new candidates, we are always looking for people that can strike that balance – that can bring something to the team now, but who also have an eye to the future, a certain level of ambition to see Kanawha Stone Company continue to succeed.”

Tom Kittredge
CEO & President

growing our team

“Company growth isn’t always about adding, often it’s about developing what you already have. At Kanawha Stone Company, we value potential team members who are looking for growth opportunities, and we have the mentors and experienced employees in place to help them. We don’t think of our job titles as closed-ended, we want to offer employees opportunities throughout their career to try new positions, take on new responsibilities, and learn further skills.”

Virginia L. King
Director and Shareholder

Working with Kanawha Stone Company

“With over four decades in the construction industry, I’ve seen plenty of companies come and go. At Kanawha Stone Company, I think we strike the right balance with our benefits, scheduling, and culture that has kept us not just open, but growing on a constant basis. Even though we’ve gone from a small company to one with over three hundred folks working here, we still have that feeling of a smaller, close-knit team.”

Arthur L. King
Director & Shareholder

Benefits ThatTransform

At Kanawha Stone Company, we understand that part of what drives our team members, above and beyond the inherent pride they get from a job well done, is the ability to provide and excel. That’s why we believe in providing our team members with benefits that are amongst the best in the industry across West Virginia, the Ohio Valley, and the Appalachian region.

We believe that, to entice industry-leading talent, you need to offer industry-leading compensation. Here at Kanawha Stone Company, we believe that every person, from the starting laborer to our leading executive, deserves a competitive package. We know that, when you provide your team members with wages and benefits that meet their needs, they will be able to focus further on work and worry less about getting by.  Without any reductions to plan quality, Kanawha Stone Company employees have paid the same amount for health insurance since 2014.

We offer a wide range of flexible benefit plans, including dental, vision, and other health care. Paid time off and vacation days are part of all packages, as we know that our team members need their time to relax and unwind. By providing our employees the opportunity to achieve work-life balance, we set them up for long-term career success.

While we must operate with a focus on the work at hand, we understand that life often takes priority. That is why we do our best to offer flexibility in our scheduling whenever possible. By being respectful of the everyday needs of our team members, and being understanding, we create an atmosphere where everyone is respected – an atmosphere that our team members enjoy working in.

WORK WITH Kanawha Stone CompanyGROW WITH Kanawha Stone Company

Just getting started in your career? Looking to switch careers, or grow even further in your chosen path? At Kanawha Stone Company, we offer growth opportunity, education opportunity, and the ability to be mentored – or act as a mentor yourself to pass your knowledge and experience on to the next generation of professionals. By offering these unique opportunities, we feel it provides team members with the chance to grow and develop much further than they may have thought possible.

Experience the Kanawha Stone Company difference first-hand. See why we are considered a premiere construction company, and why we are one of the most sought-after companies to work with and work for across the Ohio Valley and Appalachian region. Come build your future with Kanawha Stone Company!