At Kanawha Stone Company, it is our belief that a company’s culture matters just as much as the work it does. A strong company culture doesn’t just shape the work we do, but helps to shape our employees, and we expect that it impacts their daily lives, even outside of the working hours. We believe that a positive company culture has the ability to have a positive impact on the community around us.

We do this through holding fast to a set of family values that has helped to drive our company from Day One. These are values that we strive to include in everything we do, and that we feel are what has made Kanawha Stone Company such a recognized enterprise for over four decades.


From the entry level to the very top, we expect that our team members will be accountable for their performance. By engaging competent, reliable team members, from our top executives and board members to our laborers, we have created an organization where you take ownership for your tasks.

By making accountability a priority, our clients and our partners can be sure that the Kanawha Stone Company employees they interact with won’t be passing the buck. Instead, every employee is empowered to take accountability for their actions and input.


Everything we do should be done with the utmost integrity. Transparency, trustworthiness, reliability, and fairness help to create positive relationships, and eliminate the questioning of intent.

To us, integrity is something you just can’t get by without. Without integrity, you can’t build relationships. By making integrity such an important part of our culture, we can develop relationships with clients, subcontractors, community leaders, and more. They recognize Kanawha Stone Company and our team members as being reliable and honest, which in turn has helped our reputation, making us one of the most dependable contractors in the region.


At Kanawha Stone Company, we believe that every person has room to grow and develop. That is why we work to develop a culture where education is valued, and strategic risk-taking is encouraged. Through increasing competency, adding knowledge and building skills, and embracing technology that can drive strategic change, we allow not just for the company to grow, but for the individual to grow.

To that end, we provide mentoring and educational opportunities, as well as professional opportunities to explore the latest processes and technology as it comes to market. By making it so that every member of our team has the opportunity to grow, it is more likely that they will seek growth.  Kanawha Stone company is an equal opportunity employer.

"The strength of our culture is what has made Kanawha the cornerstone of projects across the region."

Tom Kittredge

Commitment to Diversity

By encouraging a diverse and inclusive workforce, Kanawha Stone Company is able to foster a culture where all employees contribute ideas and seek the opportunities they deserve. This positions the company to grow, and reach into diverse markets. It allows us to build solid, enduring relationships within the industry, with our clients, and with each other.

By developing teams made up of diverse individuals, we can leverage differences and celebrate them. This helps to engage our entire work force, and create a culture of value.

Employees Love Us

“Kanawha Stone Company has created a culture that nurtures the professional development of its employees, and the owners take great pride in their employee’s individual growth and achievements.  It is not only a great place to work but is also a great place to build a successful career.”

Aaron Dunlap, CEM
Equipment Manager

“Kanawha Stone works to build good relationships with our customers and provide the best quality projects possible.  Our employees take pride in our work and want to see projects be successful.”


Nikki Brewer
Project Engineer

“Building Work and Relationships through diversification is the ultimate goal at Kanawha Stone. Having such a strong culture, where everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected of them, makes coming in to work every day that much easier.”

Ashely Lioi, PE, MS
Civil Operations

"The culture that Kanawha Stone Company has become known for means that everyone, from our clients to our prospective team members, knows what to expect from us."

Dave Lawman
Senior Vice President