At Kanawha Stone Company, it is our mission to provide diversified, superior construction services across the Ohio Valley, Appalachian, and Mid-Atlantic regions – and beyond. We accomplish this through balancing innovative technology, modern processes, and teamwork both internally and with strategic partners. At the same time, we strive to create mutual trust and respect amongst our employees, as well as with our clients and partners.

We do this through approaching every interaction with a certain philosophy in mind. It’s a philosophy that has helped Kanawha Stone Company to grow over the years, and develop into the rock-solid company that is a respected member of the construction community.

Ethics First

When you operate with ethics as the first thing in mind, it paves the way. At Kanawha Stone Company, our philosophy is that every interaction starts with an ethical approach. By having transparency, honesty, and fairness as the cornerstones in every interaction, we are building for the future. These are the traits that don’t just get projects finished, they build long-standing relationships and trustworthiness.

By putting ethics first in everything we do, we have established a reputation as a valuable partner in projects across the region.

Evolve and Innovate

Success has never come from standing still. We’ve been a reliable team member on projects across the region over the past four decades – but we haven’t done that by doing things the same way during that time.

At Kanawha Stone Company, we believe that whenever a new process or a new technology presents itself, it’s worth taking a look at to see if we can use it to our advantage, and to the advantage of our clients. By using a practiced eye, we evaluate risk and balance it with realism, to explore new paths forward.

Positive Environment

People are the greatest resource we have. Clients, customers, subcontractors, and employees all deserve to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

By fostering a positive environment in our offices, on our work sites, and in our customer interactions, we create an environment where ideas can be exchanged, where people can grow, and where we can foster success. With an attractive working environment, we create a place where people will look forward to working, allowing us to recruit some of the top talent in the region.

"One focused mission, and a supporting philosophy behind it, is the recipe for lasting success as a company and as part of the community."

Tom Kittredge

Be a Partner

Good things happen when we approach every interaction with the idea of being collaborative and cooperative, instead of confrontational or combative. Whether it is when we are working with a client, a subcontractor, or fellow employee, approaching with the idea of partnership allows for open exchange and a level of trust and respect.

This is a philosophy that extends beyond our work, and into how we interact with the community. At Kanawha Stone Company, we pursue the opportunities to partner with the communities and neighborhoods around us, and we are committed to good corporate citizenship. By partnering with and sponsoring programs throughout our region, we help to build better communities.

"Kanawha’s success stems from being a good corporate citizen of the region, and an asset beyond the projects we work on. It’s a philosophy that has helped to solidify our standing, and support our mission.”

Arthur L. King
Director and Shareholder

Recognize Impact

As a business, you need to recognize the impact you have on the world around you. This impact comes in a variety of forms – impact on people, impact on the community, impact on commerce, impact on the environment around you. You must consider these impacts, and account for them.

At Kanawha Stone Company, we have helped make considerable advancements when it comes to environmental impact. By operating with our philosophy of recognizing and considering what our impact is, we have undertaken initiatives and developed process that reduce environmental impact, which in turn reduces negative impact on communities throughout the region.