At Kanawha Stone Company, our commitment is what has made us a fixture across the Ohio Valley for the past four decades. Beyond our professional abilities, and the outcomes we produce, our commitment in other aspects of our daily work has helped to make Kanawha Stone Company a recognized name.

To become such a well-respected member of the business community, you must act with integrity and accountability. You must be committed to providing the best in every interaction, and to get the best result from any project you take on.

At Kanawha Stone Company, we consider four distinct area where we have commitments above and beyond merely producing impeccable projects. These are areas where there may not be daily measurables, but where we can make a positive impact through our actions.


At Kanawha Stone Company, much of the work we do is in the communities that we call home. We are completing projects alongside our neighbors, sometimes for their use. The projects that we undertake help the community to grow and thrive, and help make everyday life easier.

At the same time, we are committed toward ensuring that the projects we take on are respectful of the community, and make an effort to enhance the community. That is why we thoroughly consider the impact that any project we tackle may have. To us, it isn’t worth taking on a project that would erode the trust the community has in us, and the Kanawha Stone Company name.


The Ohio Valley, the Appalachians, and the surrounding region are home to an amazing environment, and to a unique ecology. It is a region that we don’t just enjoy working, but that is part of what we do in our off time, from fishing and hunting, to boating, hiking, biking, and much more.

That’s why, at Kanawha Stone Company, we are committed to preserving our local environment, and acting as stewards of the environment in the projects we undertake. We approach every project with sustainable construction processes in place to ensure that we leave the region pristine and welcoming.


Through constant care and training, we ensure that our team members, site visitors, and the general public are provided with a safe, secure, accident-free project site. Safety should be paramount on any job site – no project is worth endangering the welfare of employees or others.

It is our commitment that our workforce goes home to their friends and family safely every day.

"By making commitments to our employees, our partners, our community, and our clients, we put ourselves out there to be accountable – and it’s a standard we live up to."

David W. Lawman
Senior Vice President

Working with Kanawha Stone Company


Here at Kanawha Stone Company, we know that subcontractors can be a massive asset on any site. From specialist insight to brute manpower, subcontractors can be a crucial part of a project’s success. We are committed to working with local, community-minded subcontractors, engineers and owners on our projects, and we work to maintain ongoing relationships that are beneficial to both parties.