As industry leaders in fast track project delivery, Kanawha Stone Company has worked hand-in-hand with engineering consultants across the region. Our open-mind approach to projects and our drive for collaboration has enabled us to develop relationships with highly-qualified, highly-experienced consultants above and beyond many other contractors. This allows us to execute these projects with certainty.

Fast-track projects require clear and concise communication throughout the project – with so many pieces in motion at the same time, and being driven by firm schedules, the slightest hiccups can throw a project off the tracks. At Kanawha Stone Company, we pursue clear, concise communications, allowing us to get started on work as soon as there is sufficient design, and allowing us the ability to work with designers and owners as the project evolves.

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Casterly Rock Slip Repair

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When the schedule is tight, Kanawha Stone Company steps up.


KSC Receives Excellence in Construction Award

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Heaster to Pioneer Waterline


David Lawman

“Fast-tracking a project lets us get started while the design is still in process – instead of waiting around for it to get done, we can start work as soon as possible.”

David Lawman
Senior Vice President – Estimating

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The Summit Bechtel Reserve