The traditional delivery method, our team has been delivering projects utilizing this method for over 40 years. At Kanawha Stone Company, we understand cost-driven delivery, and we understand that project owners desire the highest level of service possible within their budget constraints. It’s the pursuit of value, seeking the best outcome.

Through those decades of experience, we have been able to develop and refine our process to provide project owners exceptional results at competitive bids. Combining hard work, intelligent planning, and the latest technology and processes available, we pursue exacting bids to eliminate cost fluctuation, and we look to collaborate with designers and project owners to reduce conflicts and fit tight schedules.

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Centralized Freshwater Impoundment

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On-time, on-budget, and safely – the cornerstones of delivery.


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St. Mary's High School Athletic Fields


Amelia Randolph

“By staying on top of the latest technology and the latest processes, we can meet project owner’s demands better. Anything that can ensure we continue our reputation of on-time, on-budget work.”

Amelia Randolph

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FedEx Site Development