Kanawha Stone Company (KSC) forms in March 1973, blasting and excavating calcium sulfate within an active chemical plant, owned and operated by Allied Chemical. Kanawha Stone’s product, a gypsum by-product of the chemical process to produce hydro-chloric acid, is sold as road base aggregate.


The federal office of Surface Mining (OSM) contacted Kanawha Stone after ABC’s “20/20” television program ran an exposé on the threat of rocks ready to topple on a community. Such rocks were the residue of prior mining operations at Tank Rock in Mingo County, WV. OSM found Kanawha Stone through DuPont Chemical, who had a plant adjacent to the Allied Chemical/Kanawha Stone operations in Nitro, WV. Tank Rock was Kanawha Stone’s first of many mine reclamation projects with terrain requiring drills to be airlifted by helicopter.


Torrential flooding in November 1985 afforded Kanawha Stone the opportunity to bid on its first road projects. The company tripled its size in 3 weeks with the repair of Route 33 and Route 220 in Pendleton County, WV.


First survey crew is hired and Kanawha Stone begins providing field surveying services.


In 1988, Kanawha Stone diversifies into the site development market with its newly acquired PC 1000 excavator and 777 truck spread.


Kanawha Stone acquires Bowman Surveying and begins to use computer technology to modernize the surveying department while working with Virginia Tech to improve fleet management. Kanawha Stone is featured in “Construction Equipment” magazine in October 1994.


First 1800 excavator purchased in 1996. During that same year, an internal CAD Department was started to pursue Design-Build opportunities.


Kanawha Stone expands its internal CAD Department to include Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) capabilities. Currently, the company has a staff of 5 dedicated to building DTM files for equipment-mounted GPS units.


KSC enters the concrete, bridge and energy markets with geographic expansion into Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.


Kanawha Stone expands its energy construction services to support the Marcellus and Utica shale boom in the oil and gas industry.


Kanawha Stone opens its McGaheysville, VA office location.


Kanawha Stone completes its largest Design-Build project to date just in time for the The Bechtel Summit Reserve to host 40,000 boy scouts from around the U.S. in July 2013.


Kanawha Stone opens its Charlotte, NC office location.


Kanawha Stone expands its surveying technology services to provide drone surveying support on projects.


Kanawha Stone Company begins service expansion in the energy market to provide solar services in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

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