OwnerWest Virginia American Water

Delivery MethodBid-Build

Project Amount$3 Million

Kanawha Stone Company provided construction services for the installation of two 150-foot diameter tanks with a capacity of four-million gallons each in Amandaville, WV. The project required working on very steep terrain to develop not only a pad for the tanks but also enough space to set cranes and store materials during the installation of the tanks.

The site work included nearly 130,000 cubic yards of excavation for the pad development. Additionally, Kanawha Stone crews cleared and grubbed 14 acres in order to develop the 2+ acre pad site and constructed a 900’ long access road from the entrance of the property to the tank pad. The project included the installation of 24” water line piping and associated fittings and connections. Kanawha Stone was also responsible for the installation of all appropriate drainage and E&S controls. The project required Kanawha Stone to construct two sediment ponds onsite; one temporary and one permanent. Additionally Kanawha Stone Crews constructed a 23’ x 23’ cast-in-place fill drain valve box onsite.