SectorSite Development

OwnerBible Center Church

Delivery MethodBid-Build

The Bible Center Church Project was a site development located in Kanawha County, West Virginia, adjacent to Corridor G, Rt. 119, near South Charleston. The project covered 15 acres along with the associated roadway access to and from Corridor G, and included clearing, erosion control, excavation of 130,050 cubic yards of soil and rock, storm drainage, reinforced earth retaining wall, utility installation, pavement, curbing and seeding.


Drilling and shooting requirements for this project were significant because of the close proximity to an active four-lane highway and a multitude of existing utilities in a heavily populated and commercialized areas. Environmental requirements for this project were stringent because it is within the sensitive Davis Creek Watershed. The project owner constructed a large church and ministry center. Under a separate contract, Kanawha Stone Company provided crushing operations for the project. The crushing project resulted in nearly 450,000 cubic yards of aggregate for multi-use purposes around the project.