Delivery MethodBid – Build

Kanawha Stone Company provided construction services for a solid waste landfill to accept waste from the CONSOL Northern West Virginia Water Treatment Facility. The facility treats mine water from several CONSOL operations and accepts material from two waste streams. The scope of work entailed the construction of the Stage I Landfill Cell to accept the plant waste streams. The project included construction of the landfill cell, an access road, and modifications to an existing sedimentation pond on the property. The project included 20 acres of clearing and grubbing, approximately 509,000 cubic yards of excavation, placement of nearly 700 cubic yards of rip-rap slope protection, and installation of more than 1,000 liter fill of culverts and inlets. Kanawha Stone Company was responsible for 1-millin square feet of linear placement and the installation of the leachate detection, collection and transmission systems.