OwnerWest Virginia Department of Transportation

Delivery MethodBid – Build

Project Amount$29.7 Million

Kanawha Stone Company was the prime contractor for two projects to complete the Fairmont Downtown Connector Interchange which consisted of separate, but contiguous, projects for the WVDOT.  The high profile nature and visibility of this project required strong communication, prompt issue resolution, and solid partnering practices with all stakeholders, including the client, the travelling public, city and local community, and other interested political advocates.

The projects included the construction of some of the first Roundabout Traffic patterns in the state along with the construction of MSE walls, a bridge, numerous building demolitions, concrete sidewalks and crosswalks with granite and brick pavers, bike and pedestrian paths, bus shelters, traffic and decorative lighting, the installation of associated recreational equipment including playground structures, a picnic shelter, and benches.

Upon successful award of the second project, Kanawha Stone completed and submitted an approximately  $4 Million Value Engineering Proposal (VEP) to the WVDOT resulting in a savings to the owner of approximately $2,000,000.  The VEP included a total redesign of the grading plans and eliminated the need for MSE walls, by replacing them with gently sloping fills.