OwnerAmherst Madison

Delivery MethodBid-Build

Kanawha Stone Company provided construction services for the completion of Madison Branch Road relocation and Lynn Branch Mine Face Up and 96” Piping Phases I & II of the project. Kanawha Stone Company was responsible for clearing and grubbing of the site; erosion and sediment controls; construction of a 1,325 foot two lane road with shoulders including grading, paving, signage and striping; drainage including 18” to 36” and 1,200 foot 6-inch waterline relocation. Additionally, Kanawha Stone completed a 1,000 foot 96” HDPE pipe installation backfilled with two headwalls at the Madison Branch Mine location. Kanawha Stone completed more than 116,000 cubic yards of excavation for the mine face up and tunnel clearing. The coal company will complete the concrete tunnel and mine entries, and Kanawha Stone will backfill and grade the finished site for a parking lot and roadway.