OwnerWV Department of Transportation

Project Amount$47 Million

The 35/64 Interchange included the construction of 4.75 miles of two-lane and four-lane highway on US35, associated access roads, ramps, and MSE walls near Teays Valley. This project is the southeastern terminus of Rt. 35 at Interstate 64. Kanawha Stone Company performed all clearing and grubbing, erosion and sediment control, excavation of 2.4 million cubic yards of soil and rock, storm drainage, reinforced earth retaining walls, paving and landscaping. Extensive stream mitigation and improvements were required. Environmental aspects of this project were significant and included installation of many new types of environmental restoration technologies.

The Route 35 and WV 34 Interchange project consisted of the construction of a four-lane highway located in Putnam County, West Virginia, near Teays Valley and connected to the US 35/I-64 project. The project required construction of 1.6 miles of four-lane highway and the relocation of all affected county routes. Major work entailed clearing activities, erosion and sediment control, excavation of 2.6 million cubic yards of soil and rock, storm drainage, more than 2000 linear feet of 120-inch corrugated metal pipe, and 200 lineal feet of reinforced concrete box culverts. Additionally, Kanawha Stone Company was responsible for a 289-foot long cast-in-place concrete floating box underpass, the crushing of 25,000 cubic yards of onsite rock, and 87,000 tons of asphalt paving. Kanawha Stone Company took stringent precautions, working with regulatory agencies and neighbors, during all drilling and blasting operations as the project boundaries were In close proximity to Jonathon Lark Reservoir and several residences.