SectorSite Development

OwnerMonView, LLC

Delivery MethodBid – Build

Kanawha Stone Company provided site development services for 65 acres in Monongalia County, WV near one of the quickest growing population bases in the State. MonView, LLC, a partnership between development entities, worked in a public/private development manner to add retail and recreational space that would serve the growing community and nearby West Virginia University. The project totaled more than 1.5 million cubic yards of difficult excavation on steep, rocky terrain. 75,000 cubic yards of undercut and backfill were required and a 3/4 mile, five-lane paved road with curb and gutter, pedestrian walkway and drainage features were constructed.

The project included the site development for the Community Ball Park, home to the Minor League West Virginia Black Bears and West Virginia University Baseball teams. MonView required development through some  of West Virginia’s steepest terrain, but resulted in a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains. The MonView project is located adjacent to University Town Centre where Kanawha Stone Company completed Phase I in 2010. Phase I included 130 acres of retail development born from 5.1 million cubic yards of excavation, closure of two mine voids, and one mile of four-lane access road construction.

The project required 90,000 cubic yards of excavated material to be dried before it was suitable for onsite fill.  The drying process consisted of stockpiling the material in winter months until it could be spread in thin layers in the fill areas.  The warm/dry weather would turn these thin layers to dust in a short amount of time, so Kanawha Stone quickly began utilizing some of the wet material for dust control on the haul roads, replacing the need for a water truck to wet the dirt for dust control.  Additionally, Kanawha Stone Company crews encountered coal on the site.  The coal had to be removed and related issues including mine voids, pyritic shales, and mine water runoff remediated.