OwnerTri-State Airport

Delivery MethodBid-Build

Kanawha Stone Company crews provided construction services for a slide repair at the Huntington Tri-State Airport near Cabell and Wayne Counties, WV. Kanawha Stone Company was responsible for the construction and installation of a block retaining wall and drainage systems to address and correct observed slides impacting the Runways Safety Area grades and associated catch slopes along the southern perimeter of the RSA Midfield. Major elements of this project include installation of a block retaining wall system at the slide location to serve as a stabilized toe for the earthwork and slope stabilization measures placed above. The soil surface supported behind the wall will be smooth graded with a mild slope and shall include a V-Ditch channel to intercept surface run-off and prevent the saturation of the supported soil slopes, which have been observed as a major contributor to developing slides. The collected run-off shall be routed to Articulated Concrete Block channels that carry surface water to Energy dissipaters that allow water to release in the natural channels beyond project.